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Check back here often for parenting resources and updates on other things such as safety for your family!  

Note that our Tip Sheets are available in French on the French side of this website and check out our new set of tip sheets - we have translated them into Farsi, Hindi, Tamil and Vietnamese.  
More languages will be available at a later date!

Parent resources based on our Nobody's Perfect Parent Program and other interesting links...

What's wrong with spanking?  ..... read more

Want to know about brains? .... Healthy Baby/Healthy Brain. Click here

Want to know about preventing childhood injuries?   Watch:

check out the PARACHUTE website click here

New!  Parent information workshops in BC:

Emotional And Social Skills - Oct 15
Are you Listening, the Heart of Effective Discipline - Oct 14 am or pm


NEW! Take a look at this series of information and activities for parents and children!  
Each section has 3 - 6 interesting sheets that can be downloaded for you to use!

Keeping your children SAFETY tip sheets

Ways to guide your child's BEHAVIOUR tip sheets

Keeping your child healthy BODY tip sheets

Building your child's brain MIND tip sheets

Taking care of yourself as a PARENT tip sheets

Translated Tip Sheets! 

Tamil   Behaviour  l  Mind  l  Body  l  Safety  l  Parents

Farsi    Behaviour  l  Mind  l  Body  l  Safety  l  Parents

Hindi    Behaviour  l  Mind  l  Body  l  Safety Parents

Vietnamese    Behaviour Mind Body Safety  l  Parents 

Keep play fun -- and safe

In Canada, all toys are regulated to make sure they are safe for use by children. Even so, unsafe toys can make their way onto store shelves and into homes. And sometimes the ways toys are used can expose children to hazards. Being informed and aware of potential risks will help you protect your child’s health and safety.Click here to learn more

Safe Sleep for your Baby Video 

Child Care: is a great new resource for parents looking for quality child care that’s affordable and meets the needs of their families. Parents can find out about child care options in each province and territory, how to recognize quality and why it’s important, and how they can improve their chances of accessing high quality child care. Includes a 20 minute video showing high quality centre environments (in EN, FR, ASL and QSL), a list of “dos and don’ts”, a checklist to use when looking at child care settings, as well as detailed information about regulations, tools and other key information in each province/territory. The website and video were developed by the Childcare Resource and Research Unit (CRRU) and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW).

Tips to Guide Your Child's Behaviour in a Positive Way
Sometimes parents feel frustrated by their children's behaviour and do not know what to do. All children need guidance to help them learn self-control. Positive guidance, or 'discipline', teaches children skills, raises their self-esteem, and strengthens the parent-child bond. Physical punishment is not positive discipline. Children need safe, stable and nurturing relationships with their parents. Click here for some tips to help parents guide their child's behaviour in a positive way.

What is child abuse?

Public Legal Education and Information publication produced under the Family Violence Initiative of the Department of Justice Canada. 

This booklet is for the parents or guardians of children. It talks about child abuse in families. It answers questions about the law on child abuse in Canada. This booklet may also be useful even if you are not a parent, but you believe a child you know is being abused. click here for a copy

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